Interview mit Literatopia.

Hier der Link zu einem Interview, das ich mit Judith, vom Literaturportal Literatopia, geführt habe. Es geht hierbei natürlich in erster Linie um Asgaroon und seine Entstehungsgeschichte, aber auch um die aktuelle Bedeutung von Fantasy und Science Fiction.

Fix it, with the Dialog Doctor!

Some more thoughts about Star Wars, The Force Awakens.
I dont know, why the screen writers did not, spend more time in giving the caracters more depth and backgrund, by using some better dialog lines. You can explain so much, if you set them in on the right moment.
Example – Finn:
He just turned his mind, from one moment to the other, even he was teached by the First Order to act like a Stormtrooper. That was a problem for me, to follow.
Why dont give him an interesting history, just by using some lines. Here we go…

Scene: Kylo Ren finished his interrogation at Poe and appear on the Finalizers Bridge, to meet Hux and Capt. Phasma. After he tells Hux, what he find out, Phasma join the Talk.

Phasma: There was a Problem with a Stormtrooper.
Kylo Ren: FN – Row?
Phasma: FN-2187
Hux: Again?
Kylo Ren: seems you still have to fix that problem, with these FNs, Hux.
Phasma: I ordered FN-2187 to Report in, at the Reconditioning Center.
Hux: Set him under arrest. I order his execution.

Or Kylo Ren vs. Rey, during the Lightsaber fight. There is only one Line what could have explained a lot.

Kylo Ren: There ist more in you. Someone made you forget. But i awake a Part of it when i touched your Mind. You Need a teacher ….

And there are more things they could have fixed in The Force Awakens, to avoid questions.

Plot about Rey, Jakku and her skills, against Kylo Ren.

These are my thoughts, about Reys past, how she get to Jakku and why she is such a good fighter.
I think, that Luke trained her in his Jedi school, till it turns out, that she is incredible powerful, that even Luke may have many problems, to lead her on the right way. Even more than he noticed, that other eyes turn on her. Maybe Kylo Ren sensed, that something unusual happened. So he show up at the Jedi School/Temple and search for him/her – whoever – while killing all the young Jedi.
Before that happened, Luke took Rey to Jakku, for her own sake, on a Place what is so far from the galactic Playground, that she is out of sight. Ordering Reys parents, to leave her Doughter forever (What i think is a great Star Wars Moment, close to a greek Myth or a nordic Saga). He may advice Unkar Plutt by using a Jedi Mind Trick, to take Rey to Lor San Tekka. After its done, Plutt forget what he was ordernd too. So Reys Tracks are really vanished in the Sand. Lor San Tekka is adviced to take care of her and show her some lessons in using the Force, without the Jedi Teachings, to prevent her of falling into the dark. On a certain Point, Lor San decides to erase some areas of Reys mind, because she grow too fast and strong in the Force. I think, that this could be a good Plot, to explain why she fight successfully against Kylo. It offers the Opportunity, that he may have something awaken in her, by his poor try, to manipulate her brain, at Starkiller Base.

Why Rey can fight Kylo Ren !


Now I have to have make my opinion, about Star Wars Episode 7 „The Force awakens“ public. I am referring to the lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren.
I found it incredible and wonder why so many critics cant see so many details, what make the fight plausible.
1. To switch on a lightsaber is apparently a simple exercise. Han Solo could also do (Episode 5).
2. Rey can fight. She used her stick, at the beginning of the film, to defend hersef. This, should show, she has basic knowledge and skills, with using an impact and stabbing weapon.
3. Even Anakin had certain powers and skills, as Qui Gonn told us in Episode 1 (sigh!). So he could use the force, without training.
4. She was a short moment in Kylos brain and may have had some insight into its weaknesses and knowledge, what might have been useful in the following duel. Although this is only a guess, but quite possible.
5. Anyone who has followed the duel with attention, will have noticed, that Rey are not attaking Kylo, but recedes and parried Kylos sword, what even was not very easy for her. She merely uses his mistakes to set an important hit. Then the earthquake saved her.
The other points in the Force Awakens, can be explained also, if you just listen carefully. Why, for example, Rey can fly the Falcon? Apparently for the unsympathetic dealer (Simon Pegg) she do maintanance work from time to time and found out more about the ship than the owner would love to know. Why hasn`t Rey use the Falcon before, to leave Jakku? Because she is not a thief. And to fly a bunch of scrap is something i would only do in case of emergency. And so it came.


Nun muss ich doch noch meine Meinung zu Star Wars Episode 7 „Das erwachen der Macht“ kundtun. Ich beziehe mich hierbei auf den Lichtschwertkampf zwischen Rey und Kylo Ren.
Ich empfand ihn als glaubwürdig und frage mich, warum so vielen Kritikern so viele Details entgangen sein können.
1. Ein Lichtschwert einzuschalten ist offenbar eine einfache Übung. Han Solo konnte das auch (Episode 5).

  1. Rey kann kämpfen. Sie benutzte ihren Stab am Beginn des Filmes, um sich zu wehren. Somit dürften ihr Grundkenntnisse im Umgang mit einer Schlag und Stichwaffe bekannt sein.

  2. Auch Anakin hatte bereits gewisse Macht – Fähigkeiten, wie Qui Gonn in Episode 1 (seufz!) anmerkt. Also konnte er auch ohne Ausbildung gewisse erstaunliche Dinge tun.

  3. Sie war kurz in Kylos Gedanken und kann so Einblick in seine Schwächen und Kenntnisse gehabt haben, was ihr beim folgenden Duell nützlich gewesen sein könnte. Ist zwar nur eine Vermutung, aber durchaus plausibel.

  4. Wer das Duell genau verfolgt hat, wird bemerkt haben, dass sie nicht attackiert, sondern zurückweicht und Kylos Schläge mit Mühe pariert. Sie nutzt lediglich seine Fehler, um schließlich einen entscheidenden Stoß zu setzten. Dann rettet sie das Erdbeben.

Die vielen anderen Punkte, in the Force Awakens, lassen sich ebenfalls erklären, wenn man nur genau zuhört. Warum zum Beispiel kann sie den Falken fliegen? Offenbar hat sie für den unsympathischen Händler (Simon Pegg) daran herumgeschraubt und mehr herausgefunden als dem lieb sein konnte. Warum ist sie dann nicht damit schon früher davongeflogen? Weil sie keine Diebin ist. Und einen Schrotthaufen zu fliegen ist dann doch etwas, dass man nur im Notfall wagt. Und so ist es dann auch passiert.

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